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Red Eye Treatment in Dubai

Resolve red eyes and learn about the most effective red eyes treatment in Dubai.

Red eye causes and treatment options vary. Red eyes may be caused either by irritation, infection or injury. Dry eyes are a common cause; the lack of sufficient moisture (i.e. tears) can lead to irritation, swelling and redness. Blepharitis, conjunctivitis and allergies may also cause red eyes. Your red and watery eyes treatment will naturally vary depending on the specific cause of your condition. 

If you have eye redness, especially accompanied by inflammation, pain, itching, watery eye discharge and vision problems, visit our specialist for red eyes in Dubai for a diagnosis and eye redness treatment.

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Red Eyes - Frequently Asked Questions

How does it feel to have red eyes?

Depending on the cause of the red eyes, they could feel: tender or painful; either very dry or very watery; irritated and itchy, as if there is a foreign object in your eyes; goopy or crusty if there is pus because of an infection, or the red eyes could feel completely normal.

Regardless of the cause or your actual condition and how it feels, red eyes typically appear the same way. The whites of the eyes could appear red, possibly because the eye’s blood vessels dilate or open to allow better blood flow in case of an injury. 

When should I be worried about red eyes?

Seek medical attention if you notice the following signs that could indicate a serious eye problem or disease. 

  • If red eyes are accompanied by eye pain, dryness, watering, discharge, light sensitivity or impaired vision. 
  • If the redness lasts longer than a day or two, and if a young child has red and dry eyes

On their own, red eyes are not typically a cause for concern and may not require treatment. However, there are certain conditions such as the ones stated above that may point to a more concerning cause than mere irritation. If you have red eyes in Dubai, contact your healthcare provider or trusted ophthalmologist for proper diagnosis and red eyes treatment.

Can red eyes be caused by stress?

Yes, stress can contribute to red eyes. When a human body experiences stress, it often responds by producing high levels of adrenaline. This can put pressure on the eyes and cause dryness and blurred vision, which can then lead to developing red eyes. 

People experiencing anxiety, especially long term, can suffer from prolonged eye strain. It’s important to see an eye expert who can diagnose or rule out any eye health issues.

Does having red eyes mean there is a lack of oxygen in the eyes?

Yes, red eyes can be related to the lack of oxygen supplied to the eyes, which could be caused by sleep deprivation or overuse of contact lenses. 

Getting less than the required number of hours for sleep can reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the eyes. As a result, the blood vessels in the eyes become dilated and appear red. Similarly, contact lenses that cover the entire surface of the cornea for prolonged periods can also cut off oxygen supply to the eye.

What is a subconjunctival hemorrhage?

A subconjunctival hemorrhage occurs when the white area of the eye appears blood-red. This means that a blood vessel was broken on the eye’s surface. It is often caused by sneezing or coughing, or may be spontaneous, and it does not require treatment.

You may notice signs of subconjunctival hemorrhage after waking up from sleep. It may look frightening or concerning, but typically it heals on its own after a few days after the blood has been reabsorbed.

What are home remedies for red eyes?

Examples of home remedies for red eyes include using over-the-counter artificial tears or antihistamine eye drops, taking decongestants and placing cool compresses or washcloths over closed eyes. 

In addition, you can dehumidify your living spaces, use clean towels and beddings, wash your hands frequently and generally avoid irritants such as dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander or chlorine. See your physician (or pediatricians, for kids) for a diagnosis. Visit our trusted ophthalmologists in Dubai for a more detailed evaluation and proper explanation of red eyes causes and treatment.

What Is A Punctum Plug?

This acts like a stopper in a sink! When the tear duct (punctal opening) is closed, tears stay on the eye much longer. A small, soft silicone plug is non-surgically inserted into the natural punctum opening. The reversible procedure is performed in a few minutes in the doctor’s office.