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Squint Surgery in Dubai

Learn more about the most effective strabismus treatment, surgery and other correction methods.

A squint (medical term strabismus) refers to a condition where an individual’s eyes point in different directions. One of the eyes may look up, down or sideways while the other eye looks straight ahead. This misalignment can distort one’s visual perception. It can also affect one’s personal and professional life. When left untreated, strabismus can lead to serious vision problems. Patients who sought help from our squint specialists in Dubai at the first sign of the condition were able to benefit from early treatment.

A squint commonly occurs in early childhood, although adults can acquire the condition due to certain medical issues, head trauma or a side effect of an operation.

The risk of related complications also reduces significantly with timely professional intervention. When you book a consultation with us for squint surgery in Dubai, you will be asked to undergo some diagnostics tests. In consultation with your eye doctor, a treatment plan will be developed according to your specific needs.

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Strabismus - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treatment for squint eyes?

The following methods can be used to correct eye misalignment:

  • Glasses: Prescribed for correcting refractive errors like long-sightedness. 
  • Eye exercises: Suggested to enhance control over eye movement.
  • Injections: Administered into eye muscles for better alignment, though the effect typically lasts under three months.
  • Strabismus surgery: Recommended when non-invasive treatments don’t work.
  • Eye patch: Worn over the stronger eye to urge the weaker one to work harder.

Treatment depends on the cause and severity of the squint, so make sure to consult only the best strabismus doctors in Dubai for spot-on diagnosis and personalized treatment.

What is the best age for squint surgery?

Squint or strabismus surgery can be performed at any age, but early intervention often yields the best results. 

Strabismus surgery aims to correct eye misalignment and is suitable for patients of all ages. However, for children before the age of six in particular, the sooner the surgery is performed, the better the chances of achieving successful outcomes and preventing the development of amblyopia (lazy eye). Because each case is unique, it’s best to consult a squint specialist in Dubai to determine the appropriate timing for the surgery.

Is squint eye surgery 100% successful?

The success of squint eye surgery varies depending on the patient’s age, the seriousness of their condition and the surgeon’s proficiency. The good news is strabismus treatment surgery generally has a high success rate in correcting eye misalignment and restoring binocular vision. 

Several studies have shown that about 80% to 90% of patients who undergo this procedure see a significant improvement in their eyes’ appearance and function.

Can squint be treated with specialized glasses?

We often recommend strabismus surgery in Dubai as a last option. Depending on the severity of the case, the doctor may prescribe glasses for strabismus fitted with a unique kind of lens specifically designed for cross-eye correction and squint correction. This type of lens usually features a prism structure that enables the glasses to control the light that enters the eye. The corrective glasses method has been known to significantly reduce misdirected gazes and, in some cases, cure the condition for the long term.

What are alternative treatment options for a squint (strabismus)?

Aside from strabismus glasses, other methods of correction include eye exercises, vision therapy, medication and surgery. Contacts for strabismus may also be prescribed to older children with active lifestyles.