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Dr Rana Daners Geb Issmail

Specialist Ophthalmologist

After graduating from the faculty of Medicine Damascus university, Dr Rana started her ophthalmology training in 1993 . She received her Master’s Degree and postgraduate studies in ophthalmology and eye surgeries to be followed by a training course in American university of BEIRUT, Lebanon in 1997  then started working as Ophthalmologist in BEIRUT for 6 years before moving to Dubai in 2003 .

During her training Dr Rana focused on diagnosis and treatment of  glaucoma , cataract , eye infections and allergies , Meibomian gland dysfunction and Dry eye syndrome , uveitis and eye lid disorders .

She is loaded with more than 25 years of expertise in ophthalmology and eye surgeries . She has experience in diagnosis and treatment Anterior segment diseases, glaucoma and cataract surgeries , corneal disorders and keratoconus ,  Diabetic retinopathy and age related macular degeneration as well as retinal detachment .

Dr Rana spent more than 10 years in preparing patients for Laser eye surgeries and postop care ! Collaborating with visiting Surgeons from Europe .

She is a member of EMA, MEACO, ESO, EPOMEC, MEOM and ARVO .

Dr Rana is committed to providing excellent patient eye care . She also speaks fluent Arabic , English , German and Basic French .

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Diagnosis and treatment of  glaucoma , cataract , eye infections and allergies , Meibomian gland dysfunction and Dry eye syndrome , uveitis and eye lid disorders

  • Emirates Medical Association (EMA)
  • Middle East African Council of Ophthalmology (MEACO)
  • Evolving Practice of Ophthalmology Middle East Conference (EPOMEC)
  • MEOM
  • ARVO
I was initially apprehensive about having laser surgery on my eyes. However, once I consulted Dr Millicent Grim of the Gulf Family Clinic, I was relaxed and confident. The entire procedure was explained very well.
Rodney Ellis

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