Patients who often say we are the best eye clinic in the UAE appreciate our person-centred approach. We take great pride in ensuring that each patient receives the utmost care tailored to their unique needs, values and lifestyle.

On this page, we’re happy to share some heartwarming feedback from the individuals and families we have cared for. These words continue to inspire us to deliver eye health care of the highest standard.

"I was initially apprehensive about having laser surgery on my eyes. However, once I consulted Dr Millicent Grim of the Gulf Eye Doctors, I was relaxed and confident. The entire procedure was explained very well and everything I was told happened exactly that way. There were no surprises at all. I would recommend the Gulf Eye Doctors without any hesitation whatsoever."
"I first started Ortho K in August 2014 and I went through many tests to figure out if I was suitable. I originally wanted to proceed with Ortho K because I did not like wearing glasses; as it interfered with my everyday activities and sport. Although, the major influence was that Ortho K stops myopia, and this was a big problem for me because my prescription kept increasing. Overall, Ortho K could not be more perfect, though I will be having eye surgery ASAP! Dr. Joserine is a very good doctor too and more people should be aware of the benefits of Ortho K."
"Doctor, you gave me back my life - as a surgeon! I saw myself in a few years retiring and walking with a white stick. My surgeon in the UK said that when I decide to have my cataracts done, he would need a team of sub-specialists to assist him with anticipated complications. Soon after you did my cataract surgeries a few months ago, I could consult my patients and do their surgeries without glasses - I only need glasses for driving. I am amazed at the vivid colours I now see and the excellent quality of vision I now have. "

To know more about the level of dedication and excellence that have earned us the reputation of being the best eye clinic in Dubai, reach out to our team today.

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