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Marisa Van Staden

Licensed Optometrist & Ortho-K Specialist

Working as a Full time Optometrist and eventually managing the last practice I worked at, I ventured out and started working for an international ophthalmic pharmaceutical company while being a locum optometrist on weekends.

Today I have the privilege of being part of the professional and dynamic team of Gulf Eye Doctors. With a love for academics, I have the opportunity to enhance and grow my skills as a clinical optometrist and orthokeratologist.

My interests are Paediatric and Behavioural Optometry, Myopia Management and Orthokeratology. And my hobbies include running international marathons.

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  • B.Optom (UJ)
  • MHA (UNH)
  • British Contact Lens Association
  • International American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control
  • Scleral Lens Education Society
  • Certificate in The Principles of Myopia Management (BCLA)
The treatment process is very professional, The efficiency of making contact lenses is also very high, and the front desk responds to messages very seriously. Every time the product arrives, the front desk will reply to you as soon as possible.
Yiou Liu (Ella)

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Dr. Millicent M. Grim

Consultant Ophthalmologist & LASIK Specialist

Catia Andreia Pineza

European Certified Orthoptist

Chené Narothan

Clinical Optometrist & Orthokeratologist